Thursday, April 23, 2009

146.910 Interference

Users of the 146.910 repeater here in Ellsworth have been noticing some interference on QSOs lately. Myself W1KRP, and Mark N1MEA did some snooping a few weeks ago and discovered the signal causing the trouble was coming from a construction trailer located across from the Hiltop/Kona’s/Hillfire Grill(!). A conglomeration of antennas was attached to a wooden tripod located out back of the trailer and it could have been a number of things. At an EAWA/EMCOMM meeting a few days later HCEMA Director Ralph Pinkham said that Jim Cormier N1MTN of Brown Communications, had reported to him that they, Browns, had had complaints from commercial customers of the same troubles. They went and found that H.E. Sargent Contractors who owned the trailer, uses GPS tracking in their ground working units that guide them in very small increments for precise work. These units have 6 frequencies to choose from and Jim informed them of the interference and Sargents, after checking with main office changed to a different freq. The issue disappeared for a week or so and has now reappeared. I spoke with Jim today and their commercial customers have not complained but he advised that Sargents probably would be done shortly with their part of the work. He also advised that a visit might be in order once again to advise Sargents of FCC regulations. That is where this stands as of 04/23/2009 at 0932 hours! Any updates will be posted here as soon as they surface!

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