Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hancock County EMCOMM Board

The Hancock County EMCOMM Board has a new member, Andrew Sankey, KB1TGL. Dick Small, W1KRP resigned from the Board a couple of months ago leaving Bob Carter AA1PI and Mark Albee N1MEA and a vacancy. Bob and Mark, at a recent EAWA meeting recommended that Andy fill the vacancy. A vote was taken by EMCOMM members and a unanimous yes vote passed. Andy has an active role in local EMA operations and should be a great addition to the EMCOMM Board. Thanks Andy!

Hancock County EMCOMM Board Members:

Bob Carter, AA1PI
Mark Albee, N1MEA
Andy Sankey, KB1TGL


Everyone keep the dates of June 26th and 27th open, it Field Day time again.

As stated by the ARRL:“At times, the focus of the Amateur Radio community is rightfully on how we can work with our towns and communities by providing Public Service and Emergency Communications. However, deep
down anyone who has picked up a microphone, tapped out a callsign on a brass key, or descrambled a
digital Baudot or PSK-31, understands there is fun here. That fun knows no borders. The thrill of the
chase of adding new states, countries or grid squares to our WAS / DXCC / VUCC totals underscores that
when we play “radio” (as some friends of mine used to say) we are there in large part to enjoy our hobby.”

This year the Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association (EAWA) will be joining forces with the Narraguagus Bay Amateur Radio Club for he annual activities at Wyman's C & D facilities at the cabins on RT 193 in Deblois, across from airstrip. Operating from Saturday afternoon at 1400 hrs to Sunday afternoon at 1400 hrs.

As always, good times, good operating, good food and great friend.

For further information reference set-up/tear-down and possible operating schedules contact EAWA President Phil Duggan, N1EP at

Hope to see a good turnout!