Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Reminder

Greetings all! Just a last minute reminder that Field Day 2009 for the Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association (EAWA) will be this coming weekend (Tomorrow!!) June 27 and 28. Set up begins after 0700 hrs and ops start at 1400 hrs. Come and visit and lend a hand, all are welcome. Bring a friend or neighbor and introduce them to our great hobby! Take Route 184 (on right), just past Myrick Street going East on Route 1 out of Ellsworth. Take 184 to the end (Atlantic Ocean car wash providede if you don't stop).
Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Field Day Reminder

Well folks, the time is quickly approaching for Field Day! June 27th and 28th at Lamoine Beach. Go East on Route 1 out of Ellsworth, just past Myrick Street on your right will be the turn for Route 184. Take Route 184 to the very end and there is Lamoine Beach where the Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association (EAWA) along with Hancock County EMCOMM will be holding Field Day activities. We will be meeting there around 0700 hours on Saturday the 27th to begin set up and all are invited to join in the festivities! Set up is a very important part of what Field Day is about (operating radios from remote locations testing equipment and antennas) and the more the merrier! There will be a Voice station, CW station and a GOTA (Get On The Air) Station. Actual operations begin at 1400 hrs (2PM) Saturday and continue for 24 hours until 1400 hrs Sunday. There will be operators needed for the entire span. If you would like to attend and have a specific time you could operate email Evie KA1BRA at . And of course, there will be food! So, if you are interested please come and join in the fun, just visit, operate, or eat! If you know of anyone interested in Amateur Radio please pass this information on to them. For further information contact any of the below listed Amateur Radio operators:

Monday, June 1, 2009

ARRL Field Day Tips and Techniques that Everyone Can Use

Everyone remember that Field Day is coming up the last weekend in June. Our group EAWA/HC EMCOMM holds Field Day at Lamoine Beach (NOT State Park). We meet around 0700, start operating at 1400 and end operating at 1400 on Sunday with tear-dow after that. On June 11th (Thursday) the EAWA monthly meeting held at Meadow View Phase 4 dining hall will include final preps for the big event. For further infor reference field day email me Dick W1KRP at, Phil N1EP at or Mark N1EMA at


Many amateurs treat ARRL Field Day (June 27-28) as a contest, even though it isn't one. But if your idea of Field Day fun is to go for the highest score possible, ARRL Contest Branch Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, offered the following suggestions at the ARRL Field Day Forum at the 2009 Dayton Hamvention.
1) You will get many more stations in your log by calling CQ than by tuning the dial and answering CQs; however, if you're calling CQ and not getting any replies, keep calling. Most major contesters call CQ for several minutes at a time before giving up. Giving up after three or four CQs is giving up too soon.
2) Keep your CQs short and to the point: "CQ Field Day, CQ Field Day, Whiskey-One-Alfa-Whiskey, Field Day." Wait about 5 seconds between CQs -- this gives stations enough time to answer you.
3) Use standard phonetics. "Cute" phonetics don't always get through and they can confuse newer operators.
4) When working a station, you should give your exchange information only once and keep it simple. "Whiskey-One-Alfa-Whiskey, copy three Foxtrot Connecticut, QSL?" If they didn't get all of the exchange, they will ask for a repeat.
5) If you are running a pileup: Once you have pulled a call out of the pileup, give your exchange information first. Here's an example: "Whiskey-One-Alfa-Whiskey, copy 3F Connecticut, QSL?" Don't ask for the calling station's information first -- this will reduce any sense of rhythm and timing in the pileup.
6) If you get a pileup of stations and can't make out an entire call, listen for one letter and ask for it specifically: "The station with Delta only, go ahead."
7) When you get the other station's information, keep your acknowledgment simple. "QSL, thanks, QRZ Field Day from Whiskey-One-Alfa-Whiskey."
8) Find a comfortable pace for you and maintain that pace. You will tire quickly if you are screaming into the microphone or trying to work stations too quickly. This leads to inefficiency.
9) Use a headset with a boom microphone and a foot switch -- this frees up your hands to log QSOs. Writing or typing with a mike in your hand slows you down.
10) Go for as many bonus points as you possibly can. Numerous opportunities exist, from copying the Field Day message to sending traffic to using natural power for QSOs.
These tips should help maximize your score on Field Day. Remember: No matter how you choose to enjoy Field Day, maximize your fun, however you define it.