Monday, March 30, 2009

Kentucky ARES Training

In the past I have suggested a number of online training sites that are available free of charge to EMCOMM personnel. FEMA of course has the ICS courses and MANY other interesting classes. Maine ARES has a course available that K1GAX controls and is a great choice also. Kentucky ARES has a great overall site with a lot of information available. Their online ARES course is a very simple course to take and complete online. (I figured I ran my mouth about it I better do it myself!) It is taken in three steps and after confirmation from their moderators you move to the next step. Two general EMCOMM related sections followed by a final NCS section. Each section has a 50-question test. After completion of the course they send you a certificate of completion in pdf format (great artwork to cover all those push pin holes on your shack walls) and an email confirmation. You are placed on their online registry so groups you might want to join up with can check easily. The presentation is very ‘friendly’ and the tests are quite simple and common-sensed based. I urge anyone interested to take this class and the many others that might interest you and ‘get smart soon’.

The link is to the right in the Links section...GOOD LUCK!

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