Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FIELD DAY 2012..Lamoine ME..Be There!

EAWA, Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association will be participating in the annual ARRL Field Day along with thousands of others across North America. Hams go out into the field and use their equipment as efficiently as possible while operating on supplemental power sources. For some it’s a test of preparedness, others it’s a contest and for all a great social event that unites hams from all areas to have a good time, make new friends and of course eat some great grub! EAWA will be operating from Lamoine State Park in Lamoine almost to the end of Route 184..the end is easy to spot…it’s the Atlantic Ocean. Anywho, we will be setting up Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. This is a great time to see how things go together and learn a lot in the process. Operations start at 1400 hours June 23rd, Saturday afternoon and officially end at 1359 hours on Sunday, June 24th. Help is always appreciated during set up and especially during teardown times. We will be operating a SSB Phone station out of Club President Mark Albee, N1MEA’s trailer, the Hancock County EMCOMM Communications trailer will be there as well housing the CW station. We will also have a GOTA (Get On The Air) station for those that are new to the HF part of Amateur Radio and for those not licensed to give Ham Radio a try (you will get hooked, just fair warning!) Saturday at supper time we will be having our pot luck supper if you wish to join in the fun! Any questions contact me, W1KRP at or 460-0093, or President Mark N1MEA at

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