Monday, May 4, 2009

Hancock County EMCOMM's New Structure

At the last meeting of the Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association (EAWA), at the suggestion of member Mark Albee N1MEA, it was voted on that Hancock County EMCOMM come under the ‘wing’ of EAWA. A three-person committee was formed to oversee the EMCOMM group, consisting of Bob Carter AA1PI, Mark Albee N1TDO and Dick Small W1KRP. It was felt that the EMCOMM group, lying dormant for some time now, would be better served by downsizing the command structure and trying to make the EMCOMM experience more enjoyable. On Sunday, May 3rd, the EMCOMM committee met for the first time to get the basics on paper in reference to the future of Hancock County EMCOMM, Bob AA1PI had an excellent presentation on what he thought was important and it was unanimous between the three that this was a great starting point.. Below is the work sheet type listing that we urge all to review for a discussion in the very near future. Any questions in reference to Hancock County EMCOMM please email any of the below listed Reps.

Mark Albee N1MEA

Bob Carter AA1PI

Dick Small W1KRP

Who is a member of EMCOMM

Who is active

Who can do what
weather spotter
marine service Boat with radio
ATV with radio
mapping program
solar power operation
battery operation

What is your comfort area
HF Radio
2 meter FM
2 meter sideband
digital modes HF

What mode can you bring mobile

I would like to see the packet network expand to include hospitals and shelters or portable units ready to go.

Also a workshop on sending text files to the BBS and down loading to EMCOMM control.

Also the packet controller at EMCOMM needs to have it's call sign KB1NEB installed and address mail to this call sign
the BBS system will not deliver mail to a call without a numeral in the call.

I would like to see persons that have alike interests of operating modes group together to refine their operating procedures, that way you learn from each other and when a person is missing the show goes on.

Thanks for hearing my suggestions Bob aa1pi

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