Tuesday, June 3, 2008


EAWA, Ellsworth Amateur Wireless Association along with Hancock County EMCOMM (Emergency Communications) is sponsoring the Annual ARRL (Amateur radio Relay League) Field Day event being held at Lamoine Beach at the end of Route 184 in Lamoine, on Saturday and Sunday, June 28 and 29. Amateur Radio operators will be operating along with thousands of others throughout North America. The purpose of Field Day is to operate over a 24-hour time span testing their equipment and skills using emergency power and portable antenna systems. Hams will be starting at 2PM Saturday and going thru the night until 2PM Sunday. The public is invited to stop by and see what Amateur Radio is all about and how it can help in emergency situations.
For further info check the EAWA website at http://www.eawa.org/ or email Evie Sargent KA1BRA, eviesargent@yahoo.com or Dick Small W1KRP at rsw1krp@verizon.net, or call 460-0093

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