Monday, March 10, 2008

March 08, 2008 Meeting

A meeting was held on Saturday the 8th at Meadow View Apartments to discuss future plans for the Hancock County EMCOMM group. The major concern was as to what routes to take to obtain necessary training to fill any obligations with the Hancock County Emergency Management Agency to enable EMCOMM members get necessary ID Cards needed for events/incidents as they arise. Lynn O'Kane, KB1OTM, advised that everyone should complete IS-700, NIMS training, which is mandatory to enable groups to get further funding and training thru the US Government. The training gives those taking it an insight into what happens in an incident and what the structures are within a incident governing it. After that ICS-100 and 200 should be obtained. Incident Command System. There was also mention of basic Emergency Communications courses which are available, such as the Maine Emergency Courses offered thru Maine ARES on their website (see links) and the Kentucky ARES Communications Course (see links).
There will be a training/review session to be held on Thursday March 27th, the EMA Release is as follows:

The Emcomm group will be holding a training session on the National Incident Management System (otherwise known as NIMS or IS-700) on March 27 at 6PM at the Meadow View Phase 4 dining room in Ellsworth. Training manuals will be provided at the training. However if you would like an electronic version emailed to you please reply to this email. The files are Adobe pdf and approximately 1425 kb in total size.

If you aware of anybody that should be added to this email list or if you no longer wish to be included, please let me know.

Lynn O'Kane
Administrative Clerk
Hancock County Emergency Management Agency
(207) 667-8126

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