Tuesday, February 20, 2007

EMCOMM/ARES Procedures For Public Service Events

These Instructions are intended to answer questions that have arisen in the past from amateur radio operators who have volunteered their time to assist with the communications at various public events.Aside from normal net operating procedures (like the weekly emergency nets) there are some special considerations for public service events. These types of events includes; foot races, walk-a-tons, bike-a-thons and parades. Usually there is a coordinator, or "event manager" and and ask your question.Good luck and have fun.we usually have a radio operator assigned to that person. When in doubt call, through net control, the event manager

Net Operations
Always listen to net control. They are in charge and often have more information than you do.
Keep your transmissions short and to the point. There is no need for "chatter".
Think your transmission out before keying, this keeps your transmission short and avoids the "ah …'s"

Personal Professionalisum
Whether you want to or not, you are representing Hancock County EMCOMM, RACES or ARES in particular to the public who is often unfamiliar with our operations and our hobby.
Be on time, in the right location, dressed accordingly. No "holey clothes".
Have your batteries charged and radio on the correct frequency.
Have any extra gear or personal items prepared before hand. (i.e.; extra battery, hand mic for your HT, paper and pen, soda or water, snack / granola bar, etc.)
Know who net control is and, generally, who you are working with. (Who is the operator and call sign with the event manager?, etc.)
Know the basics of the event, lay out of the course, where the start/finish line is, where medical help is, where the bathrooms are, etc. As you look somewhat "official" with a radio; I guarantee, someone will ask you for help.
Urgencies or Emergencies
Contact Net Control Immediately!
If there is a medical team at the event ask to "go direct" with your communications.
If you are qualified to administer some form of medical treatment ... call net control first! Get help rolling before you become entangled in rendering aid.
No one expects you (a medical layman) to perform any "medical procedures", you are a communicator. Communicate to net control and get medical / paramedical help there!
No one has "x-ray vision" and without the proper equipment or training it is very hard to tell a sprain / strain from a broken bone. Call for medical aid.
Any incident that you witness or are told about and you fell concerned about it (you feel an adrenaline rush); a fall, someone looking ill, insect sting (any and all), etc. should be reported! The decision is not up to you on whether to call for assistance or not! If an injury has been reported you must pass it on to medical personnel. The only people that can make the decision on whether or not to go to the hospital is; a doctor, nurse, paramedic or other health care provider or the patient themselves. Net control and/or the medical team should be contacted on ALL but the most slight injuries. It is much better to "roll an ambulance" than delay treatment in the least. Let the medical team determine "how bad it is". Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Lost Child;
This should be reported as soon as possible. Time can be an enemy.
Thankfully, more often than not these turn out to be "false alarms" or quickly salved mysteries.
In case there has been an "abduction" or injury time is essential.

Always remember; You Are A Communicator First! That is your job and your reason for being there. If you need / want to, call for assistance (back-up).
If you have a problem with the crowd, vehicle traffic, unruly people, etc. call net control for Police. If there is another kind of problem call for Fire / Rescue, medical support, the event manager or whom ever seem appropriate. You are far from "alone" out there.

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