Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stay "Tuned"

Look for a EMCOMM meeting with a training session to be held soon in either February or March on a Sunday. The session will take place at Meadow View Phase 4 dining hall where the EAWA meetings are held. The morning will consist of an EMCOMM meeting and an EMCOMM Training session to be announced. After a lunch break, the afternoon will be a Packet Session refresher with emphasis on Packet's usage in EMCOMM situations.

Stay “Tuned” for further information.

As always for further Hancock County EMCOMM information contact:
Everett KA1BFA at 667-8642,
Dick W1KRP at 460-0093,
EMCOMM Repeater: open machine, 146.910 with a 151.4 tone

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